Business tip: Give Your Visitors What They Are Looking For

If you analyze your website data, do you only see numbers? Or do you understand that behind each of these numbers is an actual person? I bet you know it, but do you really know how important that is?

Your audience is the blood that keeps your business running. But do you really know what your audience wants? Are you always creating a satisfied visitor?

Why give your visitors what they are looking for?

People always have a reason to click on something, often they are curious because of the header. Or they are simply looking for the best solution for their problem. If you can be that person, the person that solves their problem. Then you have a high chance this customer will recommend your site, watch more of your content and eventually subscribe to your site.

Take the comic Dilbert by Scott Adams, for instance. Scott wasn’t that successful with the comic until he started listening to his readers, who suggested that he should focus only on office jokes. He did and his comic took off.

How to find out what my audience wants?

There are a ton of different ways you could find out what your audience wants. The first one would be to see what pages are most visited? You can use google analytics for this. What do people click on and where and when do they leave? If you have a blog, not all visitors arrive on the same page. But you can narrow it down very well.

Next you could just ask people, on your website you could have something similar like Pinterest. A simple star rating, that asks the visitor if they found what they were looking for. Or if they are satisfied with the site, also ask for suggestions and improvements. This might give you a ton of ways to improve your site.

Another way would be to ask your customers to do surveys. You could offer them discounts or freebies in return. There are a ton of websites that offer a survey service, like SurveyMonkey, where you just pay a few cents per survey done.

Your bounce rate could also be an indicator, although the bounce rate is influenced by different factors, it still can show you on which pages visitors stay the longest, and which pages are less relevant to them. Helping you see which pages should be revised or removed.

So, don’t forget, your customers and readers are the people that keep your business running. Therefore you always have to ask what they want, and keep in mind, what they want might change over time.

Good luck,

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Ron Hoekstra

Ron Hoekstra

I am a online entrepreneur, with the focus on helping others succeed, and grow their businesses.