Do This One Thing Daily And Luck Will Find You!

Want to be lucky? You do?! Then I got the ultimate product for you! Luck serum! Yes! You heard that right! Just drink it and luck will come to you!

Sorry, but such a product does not exist, and no matter how badly we want to believe that something similar exists, in my experience that is not how luck works. Its not some higher power or magic that surrounds us and suddenly shows up. let me explain what I mean.

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I do believe that luck exists, dont get me wrong, I just dont think luck works like we hope it does.

A lot of people think that others are more lucky then them, others always seem to win the lottery, find the perfect house on the perfect spot, always meet the right people, find the perfect job, the perfect wedding location. Or they are just very successful with their business. They are so lucky! How is it possible that they are, but for me everything seems to go wrong?

You have to take action in order to find luck!

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To have a successful business is a long road, and along the way many things can happen. You might skyrocket to success or not. And there is certainly a lot of luck involved.

But I do not think that you really can depend on luck. Luck is more or less a result of the actions that you took. I believe that if you don’t actively do things, luck will have a hard time finding you.

For example, let’s say you do the same task each day over and over again. How high is the likelihood that you would be able to do a other task? Let’s say you want to be loved by someone, but you aren’t looking for it? You think one day out of the blue, somebody will knock your door and start loving you? Lets say you want to be rich, you think that suddenly a rich person shows up and gives you his fortune?

If you get what I am trying to say, then you are on the way. It might sound silly, but luck definitely exists. But it only happens if you start doing something. The person that sold his house for double the price he bought it, is he lucky, or did he take action at the right moment? The person that got rich with bitcoin, you think he only got lucky, or you think he saw an opportunity and took the chance?

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I think that without taking action, without focusing on your goal, you won’t find luck along the way. But if you do, you might find luck in such a rich way, it might change your life!

Don’t see luck as something that suddenly shows up, see it as your own ability to interpret a chance, an opportunity to better your life. Luck will come if you start taking the right actions.

This was just something I wanted to get out of me. I might talk more about this in the future, if I come up with a better way to explain what I mean. But for now, I hope this helped you think a little bit deeper about how luck works.

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