How A Small Mouse Inspired Me To Become A Entrepreneur

I think that everyone has something that inspires him, sometimes that gives you a huge energy boost, so much that you suddenly want to work so hard that you forget about sleeping and eating. Well, while I still like to eat and sleep, a mouse actually gave me a lot of inspiration.

Actually, it’s the person that created the mouse, you might have guessed it, Walt Disney. Disney created an imperium that will probably last for ages. Disney became so successful that everybody in the world can recognize their creations, from Donald Duck to Winnie The Pooh, but especially his iconic and first creation, Mickey Mouse.

And to think of it, it all started with a drawing of a mouse. That is why I sometimes wear Mickey Mouse T-shirts, not because I like to watch Mickey Mouse videos. But because he is a symbol, a symbol that a little mouse can mean so much.

The creator, Walt Disney, is like an Idol to me. Creating something that was at first only a thought in his head, and building it to a billion dollar business. That is something very inspiring to me. And I think it should be for any entrepreneur that is dreaming of similar success.

I also want to build something that is of importance to others, something that inspires others to become entrepreneurs. That is why I am working hard on my own business, which is my blog,, where I try to add as much value to people’s life as possible. I do this by writing and creating content that helps others think, act and grow richer.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this story.




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Ron Hoekstra

Ron Hoekstra

I am a online entrepreneur, with the focus on helping others succeed, and grow their businesses.