How can students make money from the internet?

Being a student or not doesn’t matter too much in my opinion, what matters is how much time you have and how much time you are willing to put into this.

What I suggest you do is brainstorm what interests you and what your skills are. Write it down, don’t think too long about it, sleep over it and choose something. Find out if the demand is big enough. But, this is not the most important part. It’s important, but more important is that you have to work hard for a long time to build something online.

If you do not want to do that, I suggest you start with something simple, like doing surveys, but that really doesn’t pay much..

Besides that, a good way to start earning money online is to become an online teacher. You could teach one of your skills, by creating a course on Udemy or Skillshare. Or you could teach a language. Teaching jobs like this are well paid. So I suggest you start there.

Here are some other ways you could earn money:

Become a freelancer
More and more content is needed online, therefore the demand for it is growing as well. That means that you have many opportunities to become a freelancer.

Think about writing, singing, creating videos or photos, modeling, acting, translating, transcribing, video or photo editing, etc. Check out places like for things that you could do. The question is, what skills do you have that others need and are willing to pay you for? What are your skills?

Start a blog
One of my personal favorite ways to earn money online is with a blog. Blogging will take a little longer, you have to work consistently on your blog, and slowly grow it. But a lot of people do it, and I think this profession will only grow in the future.

Become a YouTuber
YouTube seems to never stop growing, with billions of users each month it’s a great place to start earning money online. And you could have a YouTube channel besides anything else you do as well. If you are a blogger, you can turn your blogs into videos. If you sell your services as a web designer or as a freelancer, you can talk about this in your videos.

Sell DIY products Online
Do you love DIY, and is it only a hobby at the moment, but are you wondering if you can actually make money with it? Then I am telling you, YES you can.

Start a podcast
Podcasts are getting more and more popular, although by far not as popular as video, you still can earn money with podcasts via sponsorships.

I wrote an article about this topic, in it I give 16 ways you can earn money from home. I also talk about how much you could potentially earn.

I hope this helps, good luck.




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Ron Hoekstra

Ron Hoekstra

I am a online entrepreneur, with the focus on helping others succeed, and grow their businesses.