How do you make money besides your job?

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You want to earn more money? Maybe even quit your job if your side income becomes big enough? How to do that? To answer this question, I might have to write a book in order to properly explain this. Which I might do in the future. But for now, let me just say that there are a ton of ways to earn extra money, and in today’s post I want to talk about some of those methods.

But first let’s talk about the different ways to earn money, the one that most of us know is trading time for money. Time is limited, so is your income. And because you still have a job, you don’t have much time left. Depending on your current situation, you probably work at least 40 hours per week. And when you come home you still have a lot of other duties. So there isn’t much time left to work on a side income. read on to find out

So, the question then rises, is there another way to earn money ,besides trading your time for money. Yes, there are ways, many ways, and we call it passive income. Generating passive income is what most rich people thrive for. It can be tough to generate it, but it’s doable. Below a few examples.

Invest in stocks. If you have a nice income, and you can manage to spare a few bucks per month. Then I would suggest you start investing your money in stocks, index funds, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, etc. It doesn’t take you much time to do, and you can slowly earn more money. I know it can be scary if you don’t know anything about stocks. But I suggest you do it, don’t invest everything at once though. And there are a lot of stock investment strategies online. Try out a few and see what works best for you. Stock doesn’t cost you much time, and can generate money while you sleep.

Besides that, are there more ways to earn money? Yes of course there are. Just look around you. For what item or service did you spend money? Do you think the person that received your money made a profit? You bet he did. So is there anything, an item that you see that you like, and think, hmmm maybe I can start a business out of this? You can start on ebay or amazon and start selling right away. You could buy a 3D printer and start creating unique items to sell. Or you can start selling glass items on the internet. I am just naming a few things, there are hundreds of niches you can try. Pick one you like and start selling.

What is money?
But let’s take a step back and talk about what it means to make money and what money is anyways. What are you doing when you earn money? How are most people making their money? If your car is broken, where do you go? To the garage, what does the mechanic do? He helps you solve a problem, fix your car. Does he get paid for it? Yes, and you are happy your car is fixed. But what if you don’t have money, and instead you want to pay with iphones, you offer him 20 iphones. You think he wants to be paid with this? Probably not. Even though the iphones have a higher value than what he asked you to pay.

What do I mean by this. Well first off, people that make money are problem solvers (your problem was a broken car). They help others by fixing a problem. The bigger the problem, the more you get paid. The more problems you fix, the more you get paid. And money is nothing more than an item of value. Everything could be money, everything could be traded for money. As soon as you start seeing the world like that, making money will become more easy.

Think about something that you are good at, are there many people you could help with this? Maybe you have a skill that not many people have. How can you use this to help people? Can you make a course and sell it? Can you make videos and upload them to youtube? Or can you go local and ask your Neighborhood to help them. Whatever your skills, you can earn money with it.

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