How To Create A Leveling System To Grow Your Business

Have you ever played a game in which you have to level up? Even if not, the idea should be known to you, as it is fairly simple to understand.

You start at level 1, and after doing certain tasks and missions you will level up. In the process you will gain more experience, more gear, gold, whatever. You grow and become better. The idea is based on real life, and we can use similar systems in our personal and professional life.

Can we apply a similar system to our own business? If you think this sounds silly, then I have to tell you that most MLMs and cults use similar systems. MLMs have a clear list of how much you would earn if you are at a certain level. They even have names for it.

These people seem to be very motivated and hyped to get to the next level. They work hard and spend all day trying to reach their goals. They have a clear picture of their goal in their mind and they know how to reach it. Why do we not apply a similar system to ourselves, and motivate ourselves and our employees in a similar way?

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I’m in no way promoting MLMs, I am not very fond of the idea of working for somebody else and people that set limits on how much I can earn, and just the overall idea of having to recruit people all the time.

I like to be in control myself, set prices myself, choose a real team that is working on something that is my own and actually adding value to others. But in order to grow we need to have goals to work towards.

Goals help us stay focused and determined, they help us have an idea of where we are heading and help us think about how to get there. In order to make this work, we need to create a clear roadmap with our goals. The road map has to include most if not all of the steps you have to take to reach that goal.

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We can use reverse engineering for this. Just write your big goal on top and work backwards, how would you get there? What do you need? How many employees. How much traffic, how many products you have to sell? etc.

After you get a clear picture you can start dividing your todo list into a goals list. Let’s say you want to earn $1000,- USD per month with your blog. What would you have done to reach that goal? How much traffic do you need? How many backlinks? etc. etc.

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Let me make this more clearer with an infographic (see below), it’s not the best, but I Hope you get the idea. Keep it simple, and always know what your next objective is. You don’t always know exactly what you have to do, to get to the next level. But you will find out along the way. Now, all the problems that you encounter along the way don’t matter, because you know you can solve them, you only care to reach your goal.

The idea is that, every time you reach a goal, you “level up”, in business this would be more sales, more customers, more profits per month, etc.

I hope this article helped you understand what I mean, for more things like this, please visit my blog:

infographic that shows a simple but effective way of separating your main goal into smaller goals.

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