How To Get Rich With Bananas? (Is There A Secret spell?)

Ever dreamed of having the power to turn bananas into gold? Ever thought about what you could do with this kind of magic power? You would be rich, right?! All you have to do is buy some bananas at the store, speak some magic words, and viola, you have golden bananas.

Well, you have to dream no further, because today I am going to teach you a secret magic spell that will make you rich! So, first of all, you need some bananas. Head over to the store and get some, the more the better!.

Place them in front of you, and say the following words:

“The only way that I can get rich from bananas is by building a company that plants, grows and sells high quality and tasty bananas!”

There you have it, the secret spell.

I hope you are not disappointed? Here, read some interesting facts about bananas:

Did you know, bananas grow in more than 150 countries (there are around 195 countries in the world). Which means that there is a high chance that you can grow them too. More than 105 Tons of bananas are produced each year, which means you can earn tons of money with them too!

The most famous banana is the desert banana, and is of huge economic importance to many countries. They account for a whopping 43 million tons! The plantain banana accounts for 45 million tons, these are probably the best kind of bananas you want to start growing and selling.

For example, if you would have founded a company that sold bananas, 122 years ago, you would now be the owner of a huge enterprise with more than 20,000 employees. And an annual revenue of $3.1B. I’m talking about the United States based Chiquita Banana brand, which is an industry leader. Source:

This example is yet again showing that money does grow on trees, as long as you understand that everything has value and can be traded for money.

Have fun, and eat more bananas, they are healthy and full of energy!

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