Simple Way To Earn Money With Art Without Actually Making Art!

Do you like art? And are you looking for ways to earn money with it? Well you can, you can for example create art and sell it online. Or, you could curate other peoples art and earn money as well.

How? Pretty simply by sharing art on the internet and referring people to those websites that sell the art. This method is simple, but it still takes a lot of dedication and effort. And it doesn’t give you immediate results.

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The idea though is simple, all you have to do is sign up for websites like Society6, Zazzle, or even ebay. Websites like these often have referral / affiliate programs. And all you have to do is share art from other artists. You can share it on social media, your chats, forums or wherever you want to share it.

The nice thing about this is that you not only share URLs and a piece of text. You are sharing a visual that is much more attractive than a soulless link alone.

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For example, you can use Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook to share your favorite art and get paid every time someone makes a purchase using your link. I recommend you use mainly Pinterest, as this is a very visual platform and it suits art and design the best. Lots of artists and designers are on Pinterest.

And if you want to go a step further, you could even set up your own blog where you do interviews with artists, or product review and refer your readers to those websites. And besides earning money from referrals, you can also earn money from ad revenue or selling your own products.

So if you like art, but you do not necessarily want to create art yourself, then this kind of business model might be for you.

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