What Is The Best Way To Learn To Save Money?

Ron Hoekstra
3 min readDec 31, 2021


While there are a lot of different ways you can learn to save money, in today’s story I want to talk about two ways that I think are the best.

Why Save money?

To understand this better we need to understand what money really is. Money, how I see it, is a universal commodity used for exchanging goods, money has value, the same as food, clothing and other items have value. If you know that the next winter will be hard, logically you might be saving food, clothing, wood for a fire, and a warm place to live. (like in the old days..)

In a modern world we use money to exchange goods. We can exchange money for clothing, a warm home, and food. Therefore, to be able to have a good life you want to have a reasonable amount of money. So, you see, saving money is good for when hard times come, but also for when you want to use it to invest and grow even more money, money making more money. (but that is a story for another time)

So, what are some ways to learn how to save money?

You learn it.

I grew up in a household that wasn’t very wealthy, we weren’t really poor either though, but we were certainly closer to being poor than wealthy. Luckily my parents are hard workers and my dad knew how to do things himself. I learned early on to save money. Clothes from my older brother would be reused, I would get a simple short hair cut, nothing fancy, preferably my mom would cut it. And we didn't eat much. We would just shower once per week to save water. And we would buy a ton of things, like toys, household products, etc, at the flea market.

Growing up with parents that are focused on saving money has taught me much about money and its value. If you did not have parents and experiences like this, it might be more difficult for you to understand why saving money is important. But the first step is to understand its value and its use.

You have to experience it.

After moving abroad, I quickly ran out of money. I had saved money, but that wasn’t enough. Bills started to pill up and for a long time I was in a very miserable situation. I worried about money all the time, causing many fights with my wife. Sometimes I didn’t have enough to buy some simple groceries. I experienced how it was to have to worry about money, how would I take care of my wife? How could I make her happy and have children with her? Money became the center of my life. And you can only experience this if you get out of your comfort zone and see that money is very important.

I do not say you have to become poor to understand it, but I believe there is a reason why so many poor people decided to get rich. They are tired of worrying, tired of hunger. They will try what they can to get out of that situation. It’s a very important lesson I have learned.


So there you have it, two important ways to learn how to save money. Although I also learned that earning money is important. Saving isn’t less important. I guess in the end you have to truly understand how important money is.


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