Why Every Student Should Start A Blog Right Now.

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And to be clear. I’m not talking about a personal blog where you share your daily life. I’m talking about a blog as a business. And about articles that add value to others.

Why start a blog?
It’s simple, but the main reason is: The more assets you build when you are young, the better. I wish I would have started a blog when I was 19 or 20. Even if I would have written 1 or 2 articles per week. My blog could now have thousands of blog posts.

Sadly, I didn’t do that and wasted my free time doing other things, like gaming… Luckily, if you are still a student, you can start right now. All others, sorry it’s too late for you… nah, just joking, no matter how old you are, you can start now as well. It’s never too late to build assets.

Anyway, In the digital space, there is a ton of money floating around. This is one reason why building a digital brand is important. Besides, chances are that after you graduate, you won’t have a job right away. Every form of income is welcome. But even if you get a job, you might not like the job at all, or you will be underpaid. Income from your blog might balance your income.

But a blog costs money right?
Yes, Although it costs you a little to start a blog. The benefits in the long run will far outweigh these costs. For example, a blog will generate traffic that you can use to build your own brand, business, YouTube channel, email list, Instagram account, paid promotions, and many more possibilities.

And If you build a name for yourself, in the future you can use it to kickstart other projects. We don’t know what platforms will be big in 10 years. And you don’t know what you plan to do in 10 years. If I learned something from life, then it’s that those plans you make now, never work out the way you wanted.

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But I’m sure, written content will still be there in the future. Just like it has been for hundreds of years. And people will still feel that a website with lots of traffic has value. And even if in the future you decide to sell the blog, you still profit from it.

And besides, you can also start writing on Medium. They have a great partner program, and in the future, you could add your own domain. Or switch to a self-hosted WordPress site.

Even if you build a blog that is getting 10K to 50K visitors per month. You could earn a significant income from this. Indeed wrote an interesting article about this, although it’s hard to say what bloggers earn, we know for a fact that many bloggers make a living from it.

How much time should I spend on a blog?
I know, as a student you are busy, but you know, as soon as you have a job you’re going to be busy too, 50 or 60 hour work weeks are not unheard of. And In my opinion writing does not take that much time, especially if you write about a topic that interests you.

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Let’s say you are studying to become a lawyer. You could create a blog about everything law related. Write about new things that you learned, or write about old cases, or new cases, or review movies that feature trials. Just come up with a list of things that you think are interesting and start writing. You could spend just 1 hour per day, and write 1 article per week. The more the better of course, but keep in mind, that quality is most important..

Of course, you need to take the time to research and to write something that is interesting. But most of all, you should write about something that adds some kind of value to others. This value can come in different forms, it can be educational, entertainment, news, etc.

What should I write about?
As I said, it should be something that you are interested in, and something that adds value to others. Don’t think about blogging as something personal. A blog has to be for others and has to add value to other people. That is the only way you can earn money from it.

But according to Statista, 77% of bloggers say that How-To Articles are the most popular. That is something to think about. Data from 2019.

How to make money?
Good question. That totally depends. There is not one correct answer. It depends on the topic you talk about and how you plan to monetize your blog. Besides that, it depends on how much traffic you get per month.

I advise against any form of ads, because in the beginning your traffic will be low, so you are not going to make much from ads. Besides, ads make you look unprofessional and they will annoy your readers. You could however promote products, or do affiliate marketing.

But what if I like videos more?
Well, I’m not forcing you to start a blog, you can also start an Instagram account, or a YouTube channel or even Twitter. As long as you spend time on it and build an audience. Because, believe me, those that can deliver messages to large groups, within a short period of time, will make the most money in the future.

Take Meta (Facebook) for example. They have millions of users. They are using their platform as an advertising service for businesses and brands. Twitter, Pinterest, and most social media are doing the same. And not just them. Every Instagram influencer, Youtuber, and Tiktokker is doing the same. They all earn money from advertising and promotions. But first, they have to build a large following.

The more assets you have the better, and you cannot start early enough building those assets. Those people that understand this will make the most money in the future. So, no matter how old you are, start building assets. Be it a blog, a YouTube channel or investing in stocks, NFTs or crypto. The more assets you build, the more you can profit in the future.. Besides, your future self will thank you ;)

Good luck.


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